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A patient with pain associated with metastatic colon cancer: considerations for analgesic therapy selection. Nevzorova D.V., Sidorov A.V., Osetrova O.V., Krakauer E.L., Chwistek M, Connor S., Konson C., Michaelson S., Ustinova A.I. PALLIUM: Palliative a

The case demonstrates the individuality of patient’s response to opioid therapy. Pain intensity and the analgesic potential of the opioid must be taken into account in drug selection and dose selection; condition of the intestines, liver, kidneys; the presence of additional factors – fever, concomitant diseases and concomitantly received medications.
Key words: chronic pain, colorectal cancer, opioid rotation, pain management, palliative care
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Case history of a 93‑year-old patient with multicomorbide pathology after COVID‑19 Nevzorova D.V., Sidorov A.V., Morev A.V., Ustinova A.I., Krakauer E.L., Connor S.R., Cleary J.F., Michaelson S. PALLIUM: Palliative and hospice care. 2021;3(12):4-10.

Comorbid pathology and elderly age are associated with severe or complicated COVID‑19 infection and high mortality, including in the period after discharge from the hospital. Decompensation of comorbid illnesses, compounded by post-COVID symptoms, is associated with patient’s loss of ability for self-care and the need for palliative care. The paper presents the clinical history of an elderly patient with post-COVID symptoms and decompensation of comorbidities.
Keyworls: Comorbidity, postcovid syndrome, palliative care
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